Basic Community Guidelines

  • IRL Age requirement 18+ Years Old
  • Must have good sounding and working microphone
  • Must have the ability to speak/write fluent English
  • REMEMBER – Always stay in character when you are playing in the server.
  • Spreading negativity, hate or any other toxicity within our community or on other platforms will result in your removal from all of our servers/services and the community as a whole. If you have any sort of issue, you should address it using the proper avenues that are provided to you.(Example: Reporting Players, Reporting Admins, Bug Reports, etc.)


Voice/Sound Settings In The Game

  • You MUST be using Push-To-Talk in the server. Absolutely NO voice activation. Its annoying, and nobody wants to hear everything you do.



Our rules are setup in sections from top the bottom, but we have a nice list of items that you can click on below to get the the section you want to read more about! If you have any questions feel free to ask any Radiant Gaming Staff member.

The points next to each rule is how many points you get for that rule break. (Subject to change)
Once you reach 8 points, you will be permanently banned unless stated otherwise.
Certain rules call for a ban immediately so do not try to argue and bend the rules. Our decisions are final no matter what.


Last Edited: 9/2/19​

Rule #1 - Respect - 8pts

You should always be respectful to other community members and Staff. Keep in mind that no matter what you do within the server, it should not ruin the ability for others to play the game.

– Do not use racist, homophobic, derogatory, overly sexual remarks in or out of character
(this includes any form of the N word. NO MATTER your ethnicity. It is NEVER acceptable here at Radiant Gaming)

– Do not belittle or attack any community members no matter how upset you are or think you are. It can’t be that serious.

– Do not berate other community members with OOC (Out Of Character) messages over something that happened in character.

Any form of blatant disrespect will result in your swift removal from the community and all of our servers/platforms.
Please be an adult, or at least try to act like one to the best of your ability.

Rule #2 - Deathmatching (VDM & RDM) - 2 pts

Vehicle Death Matching (VDM) and Random Death Matching (RDM) are not allowed.
Deathmatching is when you kill someone with no prior RP leading up to it.

– Do not kill people for no reason with no RP initiative

– You character needs to have a valid reason to kill or injure someone

– The other party should know why they were killed/knocked out

– Deathmatching for small incidents like car accidents, or someone being mean to you is also unacceptable

This one is pretty simple really.

Rule #3 - Revenge Killing - 1 pt

If you shoot someone or someone shoots you to the point where you/they are knocked out, you must end that scenario.

– Do not shoot/attack again after either party gets back up.

– Do not stand over bodies after a situation to antagonize them or shit talk.

Rule #4 - Powergaming - 2 pts

Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist.

This includes:
– Using a third-party cross-hair on your screen, or any other software that gives you an advantage

– Forcing someone to go to the bank/atm to pull out money while robbing them

– Forcing someone to pinkslip their vehicle to you.

– Forcing roleplay on people when it would not have naturally occurred otherwise

– Not allowing others involved in the RP to make decisions of their own. You do not own other peoples RP.

– Power-Gaming is forcing another player into a roleplay scenario typically through /me, while not giving them the choice to go along with it or not. Power-gaming ruins the experience for others and is strictly prohibited.

Roleplay is a give-take type of system. Make sure everyone is having fun and making their own choices. You are not the center of RP.

Rule #5 - Metagaming - 2 pts

Using information from out-of-game within the game and vice versa.

– IF you feel the need to use a third party software to communicate (like discord, etc) you must also talk in game. Think of it as if you were using a bluetooth device… people around you would still hear you.

– Do not stream snipe. This is watching someones stream while in the same server

This one should be self explanatory. Do not use info you heard OOC within the game.

Rule #6 - Offensive RP - 3 pts

– No sexual acts (Exotic RP)

– Absolutely NO suicide RP. If you want to end the character do it privately in some way.

– No torture RP … UNLESS you got 100% OOC consent from all players involved.
Keep in mind that this consent can be withdrawn at any time if anyone becomes uncomfortable. YOU MUST do this in a private area, away from other players who did not consent to being involved.

Rule #7 - Exploiting Bugs - 8 pts

Do NOT by any means or in any form try to exploit bugs or glitches within the server.

This is an instant removal from the server without question.

We keep logs of almost everything… you will get caught.

Rule #8 - Interactions Between Your Characters - 2 pts

Your characters are not supposed to know each other ever… they DO NOT exist to each other. This can also be a form of metagaming and/or powergaming.

– No trading money/items between your characters

– Your characters aren’t cousins, and you can’t say you heard anything from them.

This one should be fairly easy to understand but some people seem to forget at times… so here is your reminder!

Rule #9 - Combat Logging - 3 pts

– Do not disconnect from the server to get away from RP situations…. EVER.

We can tell if you logged out yourself or if you crashed… so don’t lie. Lies will only make matters worse for you.

Rule #10 - Abuse of Report Forms - 3 pts

– Do not attempt to use any of the report forms to simple get someone in trouble because you are mad some RP didn’t go your way.

– Always remember to think about the situation before making your reports

– Always remember to give as much info as possible in said report. If you have video, that would be the best thing to share.

The more proof, the better!

If we see too many posts from you with no real info/substance, you will be breaking this rule. These forms are only for real rule breaks and etc.

Rule #11 - Failure to RP & Unrealistic RP (Fail RP) - 1.5 pts

Do not do or say things like the following:
– “on my screen the light was green”
– “does this server have custom cars”
– “hey bro, out of character, how do I make money fast”
– “I am going in my head” or “sorry I was in my head”

^ There are many more but you get the idea!

– Do not fly your vehicles off of bridges and buildings. If it just so happens that you do, you MUST RP it as if you get injured… just like IRL.

– If you collide with something while speeding down the road or going high speeds such as another vehicle, a wall, etc. it is expected that you use your best judgement to decide whether or not your vehicle would still be able to drive after the crash, if you decide it cannot, you are expected to exit the vehicle, and either continue on foot or find another ride. Failing to exit your vehicle after getting into a bad crash will be considered FailRP.

– Do not use vehicles on terrain they are not made for. (Example: Sports cars offroading and taking jumps)

– DO NOT Pull a shotgun or any other weapon out of nowhere. Grab a bag or something so that it makes sense. Do a “/me pulls shotgun out of bag”, and then move on with the RP.

– Constantly jumping while you are walking or running somewhere looks stupid and is frowned upon. It makes no sense, as you never see people doing so irl.

– Using your phone, climbing ladders, jumping over walls etc while handcuffed is not allowed. Be smart.

Put some thought into what your character is doing… if it doesn’t make sense in real life, don’t do it.

ALWAYS keep a high level of roleplay within the server and stay in character! Don’t do things that wouldn’t make sense IRL.

Rule #12 - NLR (New Life Rule) - 1 pts

– When you are revived by the POLICE or EMS, you cannot remember the last 15 minutes for the next 15 minutes.
– You must leave the area for at least 15 minutes once you are picked up.

– When you respawn at the cemetery, you cannot remember the last 15 minutes… EVER.

– Gang/Crew rivalries and enemies are obviously something you can remember… just not specific events as stated above.

This is to stop the back and forth “wars” and shootings people have.

Rule #13 - Lying or Abusing Staff - 8 pts

The Staff members here at Radiant Gaming are devoting their free time to help us grow this community. Just like you and I they are human too. There should never be a reason for you to lie or attack/abuse them in any way because you are upset. Doing so will give you a direct and swift removal from the community.

– If a Staff member asks you to do something, do it. If you feel wronged, report them on the forums.

– If a Staff member asks you for info on something that occurred, please give 100% true information. Otherwise you will make matters worse for yourself.

NO BS Policy on this one.

Rule #14 - Clothing Rules - 0.5 pts

If you are not working a whitelisted job like EMS, Police, DoT, and so on… do not wear those clothes that they wear.

– Do not wear anything that cops would have if you are not a cop. No uniforms, no badges, not necklace tags, no police belts, none of it. (Some Holsters Are Allowed)

– Do not wear the items that make no sense in RP… some of those things are the alien body, the astronaut looking outfit, and so on. If you wish to wear one of the costumes (big foot, etc.) for a day or 2 for the RP you can put in a support ticket in Discord and we will tell you if it is okay or not. If we do allow it, please remember that it is a temporary permission that can be taken away at any time.

– When putting on clothing, make sure to have no weird “clipping”. Seeing parts of your arms through clothing is what we consider clipping. Please make sure to fix it. Sometime you must switch your tshirt1 to 15 in order to stop clipping under torso1 items.

This one should be self explanatory, but I feel like it must be covered.

Rule #15 - Vehicle Rules - 1 pts

– No Weapons/Visible armor on vehicles ( if you find a car with these options, please report it to a staff member using our support ticket system in discord)

– No vehicles with special abilities. (flying, diving, boost, weapons, etc)

Another one of those “self explanatory” ones. Just be smart.

Rule #16 - Emergency Services Baiting - 1 pts

– Do not intentionally do dumb shit in front of cops so that they chase you.

– Do not call EMS or SASP just so they show up and chase you.

– Do not call EMS or SASP to ambush them.

There are plenty of other people in the city who are RPing correctly and it isn’t fair when you just want to bait the Emergency Services into forced situations because you are bored.

Rule #17 - Value of Life - 2 pts

You are playing a character that is human. Treat the things that happen to the character as if they happened to you IRL. For example, if you had a gun to your head you would basically always put your hands up and comply because you don’t want to die.

– Always value your life in “Life or Death” situations

– Always value the life of others as well. Never do things “just because”. Life is precious IRL and it should be seen as such in the server.

– Value your possessions. Damage to your vehicle should be mentally and financially painful, and so on.

Rule #18 - Roleplay Over Gunplay - 2 pts

ALWAYS try to solve situations without violence first!

– Do not shoot/attack someone for something petty like them hitting your car. That makes no sense IRL or in the server.

This is a big one… it is what can make or break the appeal of the server as a whole. Think before you act, and don’t be a Tony Montana asshole.

Rule #19 - Other Rules/Restrictions - 1 pts

– Entering the Military base and accessing any of the vehicles in that area (i.e tanks, fighter jets, infantry transport vehicles, UAZ’s, military fuel tankers, cargobobs, and armed military helicopters) are strictly prohibited.

– Mission Row Police Department’s “detention area” is prohibited without an officer’s approval

– Bolingbroke Penitentiary is prohibited if you haven’t been sentenced. The only personnel allowed inside are LEOs, EMS, Lawyers, and Therapists.

– Jailbreaks are currently prohibited. This rule may be subject to change in the future. Once a cop has you cuffed and in the car, the RP is done and you are going to the Police Station.

– You may only carry one Pistol and one Melee Weapon depending upon its size without a bag on. With a long coat or small backpack on you can carry SMGs, Sawed-Off Shotguns, larger Melee Weapons, and other Small Firearms. Having a duffle bag on will allow you to carry one Primary Weapon (Pump Shotguns, AKs etc.), while other primary weapons will have to be pulled out of your trunk via /me or using the storage of the vehicles.

– The stealing of any and all emergency vehicles/government job vehicles is not allowed

– During a robbery there is to be no blocking of doors and/or entrances.

– During a robbery there is to be no placement of vehicles within the buildings

– If kidnapping someone, please be considerate of their time and try to get through the scenario in a timely manner if possible without sacrificing the quality of the roleplay.

– If you plan on kidnapping a civilian, there must be at least 2 police on duty, if you plan to kidnap a police officer, there must be at least 3 police on duty. EMS and other government jobs like DoT are considered a neutral party and therefore cannot be kidnapped. Keep in mind that kidnapping a police officer with the intention of using him/her for ransom is prohibited at this time. HOWEVER, we would like to see people stay away from kidnapping cops as much as possible. Shouldn’t be a reoccurring thing, and should only be done for a good valid RP reason.

– Mic spam is unacceptable. However, if your character is someone that deals with music, such as a DJ, you may play music through your mic so long as everyone in the room gives you permission. (Must Not Sound Like Shit)

– DO NOT plant weed seeds inside interiors or while you are instanced. This will show the plant for others and that can fuck up a lot of stuff. Please keep these things out somewhere on the map and not inside for the time being.

– Do not be intrusive upon others roleplay scenarios if it does not fit your character.
(i.e: yelling at officers while they are at an active traffic stop.)

– In any other case where another grey area that wasn’t listed here comes up, ask an administrator. In the end, they have the final say on what can be done and what cannot be done.

Staff Decisions

All Staff decisions are considered valid, but not always final.

– If a Staff member makes a decision and you feel wronged, please feel free to fill out the form on the forums and the owner or founder (usually me) can look it over to make a final decision.

– AGAIN, do not attack the Staff member. This will only fuck up your chance at fixing the situation.