Server Hotkeys


Universal Hotkeys (on foot & in vehicle)

  • F1 vehicle keys menu. It allows you to share keys to your car with others until the next reboot
  • F2 is your inventory
  • F6 is for your job options
  • F9 will toggle the black immersion bars on and off
  • M for phone
  • X for hands up and Cancelling emotes. Can also cancel emotes using the same /e <name> command you used to start it
  • L to lock your vehicle
  • N is voice chat by default
  • T is to toggle the chat.
    • /ooc <message> – is for global out-of-character chat
    • /looc <message> – is for local out-of-character chat. Only people near you will see it
    • /report <message> – report a player or an issue to admins
    • /ad <message> – displays an In-Character Advertisement to the whole server
  • ~ (tilde) or Minus on the numpad will adjust your voice from whisper/normal/shout

Hotkeys While In Vehicle

  • F5 at a repair shop while your vehicle is full health to access the Vehicle Extras Menu
  • LEFT CTRL for speed limiter (cruise control) within a vehicle
  • B is to toggle your seatbelt
  • – (minus) and + (plus) in a vehicle will operate your turn signals while you are inside


Hotkeys While On Foot

  • CTRL to crouch
  • E to sell drugs to an NPC. Must have bagged drugs and a jewelry scale
  • – (minus) to open your trunk in a vehicle you purchased, must be behind the car looking at the trunk